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Why Your Tap Water Might Be Brown And How To Fix It

Majority of people all over the world use tapped water. Even if you are not using it today you might have to use it some other time. It is therefore very important to know what can cause the tap water to become brown. A problem is best fixed if we know what caused it. Being in the know is good. If the water is brown, there is a possibility that that water is unsafe to drink. If your tap water is discolored, there is a probability that water is not safe for consumption. You do not know what caused the brownness and it is therefore not good to use it on your skin because it might be harmful.

If your water is brown, there are several things that could have happened. If there is a construction scheme nearby, it could be the cause. Construction work will only turn your water brown temporarily because it is basically just dirt that will eventually clear up. It is advisable to call the water department though, just to be sure that the cause of dirt is only what you think. The local water department will mostly let you know if there will be some change in your water.

Brown water can also happen if your community has changed where the water come from. Testing the water is advisable in such a case because it is water you have not used before. If the water turns out to be unsafe, look for a better option because lead poisoning can be fatal. Water is a basic need, it should be very safe.

Iron and manganese can also make your water look brown. Testing the water is the only way we are going to be sure that the minerals are the ones that caused the water to be brown. The water is safe if the minerals are the cause of the brown colour in your tap water. The minerals are in fact good for our bodies. High amount of minerals such as magnesium and calcium however causes the water to become hard. The hard water makes the water hard to use. If you are having a problem with hard water, go get a water softener and it will not be a problem anymore. It is cheaper.

All metals rust. Rust comes with bacteria making the water not good for use. Repair in future will be inevitable if your pipes start getting rust. Replacing the pipes is the solution here. The best way however, is to use something that will fix most of your problems. Look for water softeners and you will be very grateful. In conclusion brown water is bad but it can be fixed.